Chicken stories from Comic-Con

Some cool sites have reported on our short preview demo at Comic-Con! IGN reported: “We played it on the show floor here at Comic-Con 2011 and are happy to let you know you should be looking forward to it. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (as it will be known on PSN) is stylish and amusing”. DIY Gamer did a ‘Hands On’. Their opening line cracks me up: “Penguins think they’re so cute, but how cute do they think they’ll be after a face full of bullets from a chicken commando?”… “Jetpack battles in the game are also extremely fun, as you can fly anyone where on the screen and grief any and all enemies that are so unlucky as to find themselves under your fire” – they even even included a short, video of some parts of the game played at the booth!

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