Ratloop wins Best Mobile Game at IGF2011 for Helsing’s Fire!

Here’s a pic of Lucas and Keiko holding the trophy after Helsing’s Fire wins the Best Mobile Game category at the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival awards ceremony last Wednesday.

Lucas and Keiko Pope, holding the IGF Trophy at the awards show

…And I’ve transcribed their acceptance speech – I think it was awesome, Congratulations guys!

Lucas: “I was dreading this, actually relieved! We have been finalists for the last three years for three different games and this is our first win. First I’d like to thank a few people and institutions, our friends and family of course: there’s an old song that goes “what is love, baby don’t hurt me”… and buying an iPad just so you can buy our game for one dollar, that’s love right there, thanks mom. Thank you to Clickgamer, everybody over there, thank you Tom, Marvin, Chris, Joe for all their support, they were great. Lastly, of course, ultimately, thanks to everybody involved in the IGF, from all the developers out there who are making the awesome games and the judges who have to judge them to all the volunteers, who worked hard to make the show go smoothly, especially thank you to the coordinators, this year “Brandon Boyer” who was assigned to us you guys rock. The IGF has always been a big part of what motivates us to make games and it feels great to get this recognition.”

Keiko: “THANK YOU!!!”

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